Friday, February 11, 2011

Mall Freebies

My friend L and I attempted a Freebie Triple Header yesterday, at the mall at Columbus Circle. There was a buzz of Fashion Week affiliated action, which turned out to be rather minimal compared to what we'd expected...

First, we had prosecco and strawberries at the Wolford shop on the ground level. It was nice, but there are only so many stockings to browse in this jewel box-sized shop, and as it got more crowded we had to seek sanctuary upstairs.

Upstairs, they were prepping a central atrium "Club Coca Cola" lounge with free Coke products and nuts/finger food. We couldn't wait to get in there, and I took this photo before the event began: We bided our time in Bebe, where they were serving champagne, sparkling water, and very very undercooked/overhandled hors d'ouvres. After a short while the potent smell of bad perfume and terrible crowding drew us back upstairs to see about the Coke event...

...only to discover there were door guards armed with RSVP lists. Agh! Freebie Faux Pas! I didn't know it was an RSVP event! While all the less-deserving-looking people walked in, we were negged at the black airport style barrier (so embarrassing!) and we headed down to Whole Foods to lick our wounded egos.

Luckily, Whole Foods gives out freebies to all, and we enjoyed sampling gourmet pickles, this amazing granola, and kimchi.

All in all, not a bad way to spend an hour!

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