Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Oscars: Best Dressed

When I immediately considered Oscar night, I felt like there were tons of great gowns.

But in the stark light of Monday, I really only loved a handful of looks. I guess there were a bunch of people who looked "fine," but only these five ladies really blew me away with their dresses:

1) Mila Kunis. Keeps picking great looks. This color was pretty on her, but I especially loved the beige nude contrasting color that showed through on the skirt. The cut of the neckline was really flattering on her. And the swaths of lace were just interesting enough to make this a fairly non-traditional dress. Love it!

2) Nicole Kidman. I know some people hated this, but I really loved it. Anything with an architectural structure really gets me, and I thought the embroidery was really gorgeous. Love the red shoes too, and the necklace. I will admit that this dress did not look great from the side profile.

3) Hailee Steinfeld. The young nominee from True Grit dressed so age appropriately, and also in a glamorous manner befitting a nominee. She looks like a young lady out on the biggest night of her life thus far, which is exactly what she is. Her makeup was lovely, but didn't seem overdone for this young actress. And the headband is very cute. Tina Fey/SJP wore this kind of dress for a long time, which I did not enjoy. But Hailee makes the same style look fresh and pretty!

4) Cate Blanchett. Whatever you may say, I love Cate Blanchett and her boundary-pushing fashion choices. This armor/Joan of Arc style dress is very dramatic, but absolutely Cate and absolutely awesome, in my opinion. The color, with neon yellow at nape of neck that stretched around to the back, is just so interesting and cool!!

5) Amy Adams. In many ways the most effortlessly best dressed of the evening. This dress stood on its own, looked great, and she looked happy and comfortable. I just adored it. The necklace isn't neccessary, but I didn't hate it either. My favorite!

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