Friday, March 11, 2011

In-Store Event 101

Lifestyle event guru pal, C, informed me about the Cole Haan event mentioned earlier on this blog, and last night we attended at Rockefeller Center.
It was simple, yet perfectly executed in-store event fun.
1) Great staff/customer ratio. When you showed up, people greeted you and offered champagne or pellegrino. The store never felt overcrowded, nor was there the awful crush to get any form of drink/food you sometimes have at such events.
2) Simple treats done well. They were featuring their new spring color palette, which is kelly green, bright yellow, and black. In keeping with that combo, they had yummy mini-cupcakes, decked out with white chocolate disks that had the colors brushed on top. Here is a pic of two, side by side:
3) An enticing in-store deal: 25% off all purchases. C needed a new wallet and bought a very chic one.
Thanks C and Cole Haan, for showing us how it's done!

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