Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shopping Freebie

Every now and then, Ann Taylor does this thing I love where they mark a bunch of end-of-season stuff waaaaay cheap. It's a great way to stock up on work basics, especially if you can pack everything away for later seasons.

Yesterday, I scored a lovely basic pair of their Signature Fit pants in a light grey wool (this is the closest photo I could find, but they are actually even lighter):And also an awesome grey long sweater trimmed with grosgrain ribbon. Very much like this, except the ribbon isn't ruffled on mine:Both items cost...wait for it... $19.98 each! They are relatively well-crafted wool pieces in basic colors, all for under $40 total. Yay!

But my freebie joy kicked in when I got home, took my clothes out of the bag, and saw that the salesperson had also given me this reuseable canvas tote:
Fairly cute and inoffensive, no? I will definitely use it to carry spare shoes, groceries, etc...

Thanks for the swag Ann Taylor!

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