Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscars: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway sported a variety of styles at the Oscars, with great range of success. Here are my thoughts (and lest anyone be led astray unfairly, I will say for the record that I'm not really much of a Hathaway fan, but my rancor has abated since I saw her in Twelfth Night in Central Park last summer, and she was actually rather good). All of her dresses styled by Rachel Zoe, btw.

1) Red Carpet Red Vintage Valentino. I'm kind of over the use of vintage just for the sake of vintage. I don't even think this really looks like vintage. Oh wait - it's from 2002! How does that constitute "vintage" anyway!?!? Onto this specific dress: My cousin A says it looked like a comforter was attached to her gown. I agree. Blech. Didn't love the color on her and that is kind of a busted bustle. I will also state, as a point of interest/lucid anger that apparently Tiffany & Co. paid Hathaway $750,000 to wear jewelry at the Oscars!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! It's not enough to get the bling for free anymore? Suddenly, I hate this understated necklace.

2) White Givenchy. Yayayayayay! This is much better than the red, above. The color looks lovely on her, and the bodice beading is really gorgeous and interesting too. And it looked great when she moved, AND from the side (wish I could say the same for Kidman's origami dress!).

3) Red Versace. This is the red dress she should've walked the red carpet in. This makes her look far more "sexy" (vs. pretty or beautiful) than she's possibly ever looked before. It reminds me of the Princess Leia "slave" outfit in only good ways. I really like this tone of red on her, and the designs in the beadwork are perfect for her proportions. As I recall it looked a tad too lifty in the chestal region when it was on TV, but this photo looks perfectly fitted.

4) Vivienne Westwood. Gack. Hated this one, and this is one flattering photo. Interestingly enough, this is the hardest one to find online. The hairpiece (definitely not her real hair!) was a horrid crown of fake hair that looked too tight and weird. The dress did not fit her well on top, and the fabric was strangely offputting. Also this is another strongly emphasized Tiffany & Co necklace, so I feel certain that she was wearing the whole ensemble with the knowledge that every 15 minutes of the Oscars netted her another $100K from Tiffanys. Grr...5) Electric blue Armani Prive. This gown is interesting and the color is fresh and bright. I keep going back and forth on the intense shine of it. I didn't love it, but I give props for the brave wearing of something pretty weird.

6) Oscar de la Renta. Standing still, this was my favorite look. I loved the easy hair with the asymmetrical neckline. The color looked great on her, and the beading was fancy and cool...

...Then, THIS happened:Franco's face in the pic pretty much says it all.

7) Final Tom Ford look. I didn't love this. It was strangely "naked" looking in a creepy way.

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  1. From a guest:
    "I agree with you overall, I think. I hated the Tom Ford and very much liked the Versace and the Givenchy. Re: the Tom Ford, I think I read a blog that pointed out what a terrible choice it was for the end of the evening. I almost felt like it was confirming all my suspicions about how bad the show had been. Like she was giving up. In fact, overall, I felt like only a couple of the dresses worked as dresses the HOST (hostess seems wrong) of the Oscars would wear. I feel it's not the same as just attending the Oscars but getting to wear more red carpet dresses. You're on stage, for a LOT of time, not just award-accepting time. I think the dresses need to be more stately or something. I actually think the blue Armani Prive worked great for this purpose. Definitely not the Tom Ford or the Westwood (both were too nothing-colored) and I'm not sure I like the Oscar de la Renta for this purpose either, though as a red carpet gown I think it works. Maybe it's that she needed more of a theme. As a collection, these gowns would definitely not all work together in any way. It felt sloppy and not pulled-together."